RJ Blizzard is an author and writer of the thin line between the ordinary and the sacred. The greater distance you venture from this thin space, the less authentic a person becomes. "It's a narrow path, and few choose this space where the Tree of Life grows along the way. Those who live outside this thin space, eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; where there is no truth, and nothing is what it appears to be."

He is a master storyteller who once spoke of these stories at retreat centers and conferences. RJ Blizzard now writes novels about people and their journeys to find the narrow path to becoming more human. When two or three people find it together, it is incredible. RJ Blizzard once spoke, "There is nothing more sacred than a man, or a woman becoming more human. The thin line they walk is the watershed of their life."

His novels are authentic life portrayals of human beings, existentially surviving to find transcendence and purpose. The story of life discovered between the grace of both love and suffering is his craft.

The ex-seminarian enjoyed a successful business career, in which he made millions. He is quick to recall, "And lost a little more."

"When it comes to life, I would have to say that my greatest spiritual influence has been the music of Bob Dylan. I can still remember that day when the words cut my heart, "...He that is not busy being born is busy dying." First time I started to understand what spirituality meant."

He loves God, life, music, theater, poetry, philosophy, good wine, Padron cigars, and every waking present conscious moment with God's beautiful creation, especially his friends.

Speaking as his editor, in understanding an author, it is helpful to know their influences. Below, are the people who shaped RJ Blizzard. I will let him take it from here.

"If you don't recognize them all, that's OK. I will be blogging in the future about these influences. My mother always said I was never a kid...I guess that makes me a little weird. Now I have grown up to be that kid that I never was; I live life with the wonderment and amazement of a child."

Take notice there is only one photo that is in color. That person is my wife Rennay, my biggest influence. Everyone who has met her knows she can only be presented in vibrant color, she has brought color into my life (she is in her skydiving suit; yes, she skydives). No, I don't. But I hold onto the extremely thin line of maybe.

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