What is a Real Apology?


What is an apology? Do you simply get to say a polite "abracadabra" and it's alright? A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down?

What makes an apology sincere? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that . . . we proceed with our day as if we Picked up our latte at the drive thru window.

When you wish you could have pulled back those syllables of air that just breathed out your lips . . . forming the word daggers coming directly from your heart. You immediately rush to plug the dam holding back the torrent of streams of tears bleeding from the lacerated wound you inflicted.

I'm sorry honey . . . it will never happen . . . again. The words we have been taught to utter from the bargain basement of our soul to gain the cheap cowardice grace of forgiveness. Relationships rise and fall on the ability to experience pain as one.

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